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East Village Service Menu


Deep Tissue

Therapy to realign deeper muscles and connective tissue. Ideal for chronically tense and contracted areas such as stiff necks, lower backs, and sore shoulders.

60 Minutes - $140

90 Minutes - $200


Long, smooth strokes relax the body and relieve tension and stress.

60 Minutes - $135

90 Minutes - $175

Hot Stone

Smooth, flat, heated stones are placed on key points on the body to relax muscles, improve circulation, and calm the nervous system.

60 Minutes - $150

90 Minutes - $210

Thai Herbal Massage

Herbal compresses filled with a blend of wild-crafted botanicals are heated and pressed onto your skin throughout your hand-on massage. the combination of muscle-melting heat and the healing benefits of the herbs makes for a wonderfully relaxing, exotic experience.

*This service is not recommended for pregnant women.

60 Minutes - $150

90 Minutes - $210


As an expectant mother, you go through a lot of stress, limb swelling, and various other muscular and joint aches and pains during your pregnancy. Relieve yourself of such discomforts by booking a prenatal/pregnancy massage.

60 Minutes - $135

90 Minutes - $175


Noninvasive therapy that produces beneficial health results for those experiencing numerous illnesses and injuries.​

60 Minutes - $140

90 Minutes - $200


This treatment focuses on the "reflex points" in the feet that correspond to the various organs in the body. A deeply relaxing treatment felt throughout the body.

60 Minutes - $135


Facial Treatments

Acne Facial

Adult acne or teen breakouts can be successfully treated with our effective yet gentle Acne Facial, to help reduce breakouts and eliminate excess oils. Several treatments result in dramatic improvement.

60 Minutes - $155

Anti-Aging Facial

Visible results are evident after this therapeutic facial. We use semi-medical (Esthetics Grade) strength antioxidant product which are formulated to penetrate deeply for maximum benefits.

60 Minutes - $155

Pure Touch Facial

Our extended signature facial is customized to treat your special concerns. The session includes a massage focusing on the neck, shoulder and feet for deep restorative relaxation.

60 Minutes - $175

Reverie Signature Facial

Using Seaweed and plant based products, we help to bring out a healthy glow to your skin. Includes, cleansing, light extractions, exfoliation & steam, leaving skin clean & refreshed.

60 Minutes - $150



Rejuvenating Body Treatments

Awaken your senses with our all natural scrubs to lock in moisture. Scrubs are great for healing dry flaky skin.

Reverie Signature Package

30 Minute - Body Scrub

60 Minute - Swedish Massage


Rejuvenating Package

40 Minute - Hydrating Body Mask

60 Minute - Swedish Massage


Couples Package

Plan a relaxing experience with your partner at Reverie Spa

60 Minute - Swedish Massage


60 Minute - Deep Tissue


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